Human Resource Services

We pay attention to your employees as they form the human capital of your organization. Our HR Services team advises businesses on all kinds of personnel issues. We give you valuable guidance in HR administration and the best practices insights. Supported by a team of experienced professionals, our strategic services meet the needs of all types and sizes of organizations from small startups, SMEs to large firms and deliver long-lasting changes with measurable growth. We are passionate and purposeful about offering personalized experience with the necessary tools and expertise to accelerate our clients’ business growth. We partner with you from the start to the end, focusing on your needs while producing new ideas, developing effective strategies, providing seamless quality services and designing scalable solutions.

Payroll Services

Whether you have full-time or part-time employees, each scenario has unique requirements. Sharpen Skills gives you accurate, compliant payroll complete with secure processing, tax withholding and reporting all on a single platform with benefits. At the end of day, it’s about paying people on time without distracting difficulties.

HR Consulting Expertise

With Sharpen Skills, you get a HR firm that gives you access to a team of specialists with industry expertise. We guide you through the best practices and also help to determine your benefits funding strategy. Connect with our HR outsourcing services, speak to an expert in real time and help you manage any unfamiliar and sensitive employee situations that should not derail your business.

Company Culture & Employee Engagement

A strong company culture and high employee engagement are two key contributing factors in an organization’s ability to meet organizational goals and attract and retain top talent. Our HR Development team can assess the current behaviors and attitudes of your team, measure the overall workplace climate, and put the appropriate measures in place to improve engagement in your organization and the company culture as a whole.


We hire the best teams for you to sustain your business growth. Our prospective employees go through a rigorous work readiness training to ensure maximum flexibility and adaptability to your corporate environment, maximize on productivity, and employ the best practices. We undertake Job satisfaction assessments, training needs assessment, review your HR strategies and offer customized solutions.


We develop the hiring criteria and lead the process of recruiting from inside the company and outside to find the right person for a position. We find candidates by reviewing rich database combined with contingency and retained searches giving you the best candidates for the job.


We source and identify your candidates from the applicant pool who best meet your required and desired criteria. We easy the talent acquisition process for you by shortlisting the right candidates from a large pool of applicant giving you.


Our comprehensive human resources assessment provides tactical and strategic analysis of your workplace practices and HR programming effectiveness through tailoring each review accordingly. Assessing your human resource practices can help prevent the unnecessary painful costs associated with employee complaints, equal employment opportunity (EEO) charges, and litigation.

Reference checking

We are your instant checkmate. Conducting a reference check is a critical part of the recruitment process, and a job offer should never be extended without checking the finalist’s references. We conduct reference checks will help you make better hiring decisions as it giving you a general understanding of how the candidate performed in past jobs.


We support newly recruited employees to adjust to their new roles and working environments. Starting a new job can be a stressful experience and new employees need help to settle in. We walk with your employee in the transition journey as they get initiated in the expectations, performance and culture of the Company. Count on our industry-focused HR specialists for guidance navigating a complex HR environment.

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